Welcome to 2016 – new timetable & courses

Welcome to this New Year.

We start with fresh hopes and desires. But I think that as we look to the future we need to look back too. What was the movement of the last year? What needs to be adjusted? Changed? Or deepened?

Our outer lives are only as good as our inner lives, to neglect our inner lives is to limit our outer lives” says Pico Iyer.

We live in a cultural context and it affects and shapes us deeply. It is easy to get lost in the current of the culture and what it thinks is ‘amazing’.

How many times a day do you check emails? It can be to relieve the moment you are living in, choosing to stay in touch with the outer world, while forgetting the inner. It’s really easy and mostly habitual.

These are extraordinary times of change. I think we as humans are being demanded of: to change; to become aware and present; each of us  to be a leader. As a humans we are called to protect our ‘common home’ and each other.

But how can we protect anything if we do not have time to cultivate attentiveness, awareness and some internal capacity for stillness?

Of course a practice of any kind is what gives us that capacity.

I have looked after a yoga school for over 35 years, and I am aware of how our culture has changed since I started. No one much knew about yoga then, and those that did came because they were keen.  We did not need to ‘market’. We were just there, committed and in love with what we did, wanting others to benefit. Students tasted and said “Yes, this is what I want”.

In a way the revolution, with yoga as the ‘new church’, has not helped us. What is yoga now?  I do not always recognise it. It seems market driven and about external choices, but the ones that matter, the inner ones, are the important ones.

Yoga is about attentiveness, noticing, it is a practice-based way of learning i.e. it is not a subject you learn about, but something that you do. The constant doing and the development and refinement of attentiveness, sensitivity and discernment are how we grow.

So I hope you continue to place time aside, in as systematic a way as is possible, to build this attentiveness, to invite the quiet, to cultivate the silence in your heart, to listen. Then you can make the best choices for yourselves and for each other.

Bless us all as we walk forward together, growing as responsible humans on the planet we share, loving, attending and accompanying.

Warm regards

Caroline Coggins


  • From 1 February most classes will be offered on a 6-week enrolment basis. You will be invited to choose a day and time that suits you, and to commit to that class for the following 6 weeks.  There will still be plenty of flexibility, either through make-up classes or casual classes, for those who can’t commit to a set day and time each week.  
  • You are able to purchase your 6 Week Course passes and enrol from today onwards.
  • There will be some slight changes to the timetable (see below), with the addition of some new classes and practice classes
  • Students with existing class passes will be able to use their current class credits to attend any classes you like as a casual student.
  • Some price increases will apply from February 1 (see below). We will have Special Offer prices during this period of transition.
  • If you have been a Level 1 student for some time, talk to your teacher between now and end January about whether you are ready to move up to Level 2.



  • 10 Class Pass (valid for 12 weeks) 
  • 20 Class Pass (valid for 12 weeks) 
  • Casual Class

LEVEL 1 (60 mins)

  • 6 Week Course (1 class per week) usually $120
    **Special Offer** $100 
  • 6 Week Course (2 classes per week) usually $240
    **Special Offer** $180 
  • 10 Class Pass (valid for 12 weeks) 
  • Unlimited Pass (valid for L1 & Lunchtime Classes, for 12 weeks)
  • Casual Class


  • 6 Week Course (1 class per week) usually $132
    **Special Offer** $120 
  • 6 Week Course (2 classes per week) usually $264
    **Special Offer** $228 
  • 10 Class Pass (valid for 12 weeks) 
  • Unlimited Pass (valid for L2 & L2 Practice Classes, for 12 weeks)
  • Casual Class

LEVEL 3 (90 mins)

  • 10 Week Course (1 class per week) 



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