Types of classes


Attending Classes

As a general way of proceeding we recommend that you come as often as you can, and to try to come to classes at least twice a week.


Beginners Courses

The entry level classes into the school, with a weekly course structure over 6 weeks. Ideal for those who can attend regular classes weekly to learn the foundations of yoga.

These are 6 week courses for complete beginners or those returning to Yoga. Enrol and complete two or three of these courses before moving up to Level 1 Intermediate ‘developing beginners’ classes.

Level 1 Intermediate Classes

A second entry point to the school, with plenty of flexibility to come and learn as often as you can. Coming often is the best way to taste, feel and experience the joy and benefits of yoga.

For students who may have already been introduced to yoga or just beginning.  Teachers take you through a variety of asanas that represent the range of the Iyengar yoga syllabus.

Level 2 Intermediate Classes

As your yoga journey progresses poses are included which work on the nervous system and development of the mind to concentrate and penetrate. This usually happens when the foundational poses have been made stable in level one.

For students who have more experience and have been attending classes on a more regular basis. Students will learn to advance from the basics and deepen their understanding of asana and also be introduced to Pranayama, yogic breathing. In level 2 inversions may be introduced depending on individual capacity.

Level 2 Personal Practice Program

Students work with an individual program in a class environment to develop a personal practice with guidance from the teacher. Learn sequencing and how put together a daily practice.

Which asanas are personally beneficial, which require more work, how to manage any conditions or injuries and how to practice with confidence and safety. All Levels with experience accepted.

Restorative Levels 1 & 2

An important part of the Iyengar methodology is to develop a balance in our development. Not only in practice but from life, to moisten and restore, to strengthen the nervous system, but importantly to nourish and quieten the mind. To create space in all parts of ourself. A must for all of us that live in this over stimulated world.

For students who have been practicing and attending L1 & L2 classes for a while.
In ‘restorative class’, also described sometimes as ‘yin’, supported asanas and pranayama is taught, at times with the use of props.

Open Level Classes

For all levels with some experience. The teacher teaches to all capacities and levels of experience. These classes run at lunchtime and also during holidays times. Students who are L1 or 2 are all able to attend and work at their capacity.

Level 2/3 Intensive Class

A block of classes (unless you are a visitor) for yogis with experience, teachers and trainees. The quest is to go deeper into the practice.

For students who have been practicing and attending level 2 classes and wish to deepen their practice, advanced practitioners and teachers. Students work with Senior Iyengar teacher Caroline Coggins at their capacity, exploring more advanced asana. This is an enrolment only class.


Yoga for Seniors

These classes suitable for anyone over 55 who would like to either start or return to yoga.