The heart of practice

Yoga, yogasana, what is it that we do and come to love? How do we turn the switch that agrees that we’ll start to work with ourselves?

I believe that something happens to us as we start to practice, some light comes on, and that at the core of this is an intention that gets fanned to life. Can you see this when you look at someone doing Trikonasana? Those doing it know that something’s happening.  They’re trying to bring their mind, their body and their emotions to a common point. They’re doing this for all sorts of reasons, like just repairing some dodgy body part, but the common thing is that we know we must change for life to unfold further.

Isn’t that a lovely idea, that in the midst of straightening the leg, turning the waist, pressing the back heel, we rest back into our ‘isness’ and begin. There is something wonderfully trusting in this, it’s a sort of ‘Yes, let me start now’.

Yoga is a practice, not a subject to learn about, just as you can’t learn about meditation. Only by doing it do you learn about the subject. We’re the subject matter, and learning about our subject we come to know that all of us share this humanness.

Mind you, when I was a young yogi I did watch BKS Iyengar practice his Trikonasana, amongst other things, and it changed me. The world did stand still and I was deeply moved.  My cells knew something that I did not yet know, but it was something I was hungry for. The light was low in the early morning, and he was alone becoming a divine human with his God. He was performing yogasana.

Let’s begin again, on this very fine journey into the heart of ‘practice’.

Caroline Coggins
January, 2016

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