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Perhaps you have experienced the joy of working in your body and the sense of physical freedom and spaciousness. Perhaps you have noticed the quietening, calming effect of a focussed asana practice on your nervous system, and mental/emotional state? Perhaps you thrill to the quest of focussing the mind inwards, building sensitivity, connectedness and mental clarity as you bring your awareness to what you are doing right now? And, in the process, perhaps you have started to notice not just whether your leg is straight and your body aligned, but also aspects of your nature, your tendencies … perfectionism, self-doubt, pride, fear, achievement focus, a capacity to stick, or an inability to stay? Recognition of our qualities is an important first step in realising ourselves as human beings.

The yoga path has three key elements: tapas (consistent disciplined effort), svadhyaya (self-study and reflection) and ishvara pranidhana (surrender). Perhaps you have reached a point in your yoga life where you want to explore this path more deeply, where coming to classes is not enough?

Does this interest you?


About the Sadhana Program

The Sadhana Program is for yoga students who wish to step more intently onto the yoga path. It aims to help students develop a regular practice, understanding that the path of yoga is a path of self-study, reflection and personal growth. The program sits alongside, and partly overlaps with, the Teacher Mentoring Program. It offers a way to learn, in this lineage, without necessarily involving a desire or commitment to become a teacher.


Program Content

In 2020 the Sadhana Program consists of 6 modules: four in Sydney, one at a retreat centre at Otford just south of Sydney, and one in Bali.

Module 1: Otford Retreat: 

The 2020 Program commences with a 3 day retreat in late January/February at Otford an hour south of Sydney. This retreat sets the frame for the year. You will join the retreat from 4pm Thursday January 30, and finish at 5pm on Sunday.

Further information can be found on the Otford 2020 Retreat page.

Modules 2 to 5: In Sydney at The Yoga Centre: 

  • Module 2: Saturday 7 March – Sunday 8 March
  • Module 3: Saturday 4 April – Sunday 5 April
  • Module 4: Saturday 6 June – Sunday 7 June
  • Module 5: Saturday 3 October – Sunday 4 October

The Saturdays will commence at 10.00 am and finish at 4.30 pm. The Sundays will commence at 10.00 am and finish at 4.00 pm. Both days will involve sitting meditation, pranayama and asana sessions. The afternoon session will be attended by Sadhana students, trainees and certified teachers. This will be a reflection/collaborative learning session.

Module 6: Bali Retreat and PD Days: (Optional)

In 2020 the Bali Retreat and Teaching/Advanced Learning days are as follows:

  • Retreat: runs from Sunday 28 June to Sunday 5 July (arrive evening Saturday 27 June). Open to regular yoga students, teacher trainees and certified teachers.
  • Teaching/Advanced Learning Days: run from Tuesday 23 June to Friday 26 June (arrive evening Monday 22 June).

For further information on the Bali Retreat, including Teaching/Advanced Learning Days see the Bali 2020 Retreat page.

If you are a Sydney resident it is recommended that you attend Caroline’s regular Level 2/3 classes on Tuesday and Saturday mornings at the Yoga Centre. See the Classes with Caroline Coggins page.


Teacher Student Relationship

Working with a teacher is an important component of learning. It is important that you feel comfortable with your teacher and ready to embark of a deeper learning relationship with her. The teacher then gets to know you and what you are working with. It is a learning that is not done alone. You become part of this lineage through your relationship with a senior teacher, who can then support your deeper learning.

  • You will be part of a learning community, and this is a great and necessary supportive structure.
  • You will be able to access study material from DropBox for your reading, practicing and collaborative research.
  • There will be practice sessions available for you to attend if you live in Sydney.


Attendance Requirements

Attendance at the Otford retreat is required for all Sadhana program students, from Thursday night to 5pm Sunday.

Sydney students are required to attend each of the 4 Sydney modules. These weekends will run in conjunction with the Teacher Mentoring Program. Students on the Sadhana Program will attend the Saturday and Sunday components but not the third day, the Monday, which will be dedicated to teacher training.

Attendance at the Bali retreat is encouraged.

Program participants will agree a plan of attendance with Caroline at the start of the year.

Distance students will need to contact Caroline to talk through options.  Options may be include three retreats, or a combination of Sydney modules and retreats.


Program Cost

The Sadhana Program is offered on a yearly basis.

The cost of enrolment in 2020 is $1320 for the four Sydney modules, plus the cost of the Otford Sadhana Retreat. Various cost options for the retreat can be found on the Otford retreat page Here

If you are able to pay the full amount for the four Sydney modules at the start of the year there is 5% discount ($1,254). Full payment is due January 31, 2020.


Alternatively, you may pay for the Sydney modules in three instalments as follows:

  Amount due Due date
Payment 1: 50% of yearly fee $660 Friday January 31, 2020
Payment 2: 25% of yearly fee $330 Friday May 8, 2020
Payment 3: 25% of yearly fee $330 Friday September 4, 2020

If there is some exceptional circumstance and you are unable to attend please speak to Caroline or the office. Please note there are no refunds for partial attendance, or for non-attendance at any module. Some credit may be available.


How to Apply

Applications open from 8 October 2019. Applicants must submit their written application, on the Yoga Centre Sadhana Program application form.

As we receive applications we will let you know so you can plan. Closing date is 30th November. There are limited spaces available.

Please provide details of your yoga history, any physical problems or disabilities, age, work and home situation. Please also in 200 words indicate why you would like to do the program and what you hope to learn. Submit your application via email to to with copy to

Candidates will be notified soon after the closing date, 30th November.

If you have any queries prior to submitting your application please send an email to with copy to or call 02 9698 7960.
Leave a message if necessary and we will get back to you within a couple of days.