Path walking

Something niggles, under the settlement of your everyday eyes. Do you really believe that you are connected to everything around you and that in each moment we are in airwaves of communication?


What arrives in the email box, what song, what sight, calls to you? Do you believe that what stirs your heart, speaks to you, could have meaning? Indeed could be especially calling to you, meeting the hook in you that asks for its pair in that moment, showing you the way, now?


No matter how clogged and invaded the airwaves, there is a sigh, the beatings of desire, calling us home.


What is a teacher, one who is not able to walk on the path so they show others? Or someone who is so tuned to their own steps, they say ‘look, see this, hear that?’ They delight is in the walking. They want students to walk too, to have courage so their hearts will brave to look, feel and know.


What is the student, one who wants to be told what to do? Or one who asks for a guide, one who says ‘yes, you have walked ahead of me, you can show me so I can wake the teacher inside’. Love is something we may have felt at a mother’s breast, or in a kindness, or that very moment when we feel the messenger say ‘come, come this way…. You are beloved.’


Yoga is for path walkers, whatever age or state.


To become a teacher is to become a professional path walker. Light footed and free, ready to meet the student because you are student. When I hear of how much will I get.. or no, it must be this and way and not that, then we must open our ears to the messenger, come, now show us how to proceed. Find your path, listen to it, don’t turn the path into you, let the path open you into becoming a student of living.


We turn everything into ourselves and then complain it is not satisfying. Of course not, we long in our being for the other. Not ourselves.


Caroline Coggins

April, 2019

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