Level 1 Foundation classes

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Level 1 Foundation Classes

It is YOU that makes a difference to your life. Make the commitment now.
You will be in the hands of well trained teachers where there is a focus on proper alignment and more individual attention. You will find in yoga a way to bring grace into your body and into all parts of your being and life. 

Yoga is for everyone!

Level 1 Foundation classes are entry level classes at The Yoga Centre.
They are also the classes you will look to progress to after completing a Beginners Course.

In these classes you will learn the foundation asanas (poses) that lead you eventually towards Level 2 Intermediate classes and in time where more advanced poses are introduced.

If you have tried yoga elsewhere and want to continue learning, these classes are ideal for you.

If you are returning to yoga you will also find going back through the foundations in Level 1 very beneficial.

Completely new to Iyengar yoga?

Enrol into one of the scheduled Beginners Courses