Lennox Head Spring Retreat

with Caroline Coggins

Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head 

November 8, 9 & 10

Earlybird until October 1 

To retreat….

It is a plea for us to experience the potential beauty of ourselves, our lives, our practice, our desires. Our world wants to keep us only in the administrative level of existence, make us into a frightened nanny state people. We become preoccupied, busy with nothing much, keeping our eyes down, forgetting to lift our eyes and hearts to the huge sky lying over our heads, forgetting that we have an unfathomable desert at the heart of our country, and inside ourselves. This place that is full of life and mystery longing for freedom and meaning.  

And so we place ourselves in the company of the transcendent. We must stop, smell the essence, follow the light, see this in those we love, and even those we rub along with.

It takes practice and trust to lift our eyes from the bits and pieces of our lives, to allow ourselves to be transformed by what we love.

We will have this time in Northern NSW, in the company of those who share some of our deeper values. 

Caroline Coggins

Senior Iyengar yoga teacher Caroline Coggins invites you to an immersive weekend intensive in the tranquil surrounds of beautiful Lake Ainsworth and Lennox Head beach in Northern NSW.

This retreat intensive is for students and teachers of Iyengar yoga to come together to experience and explore, to seek and to discover, to breathe and to find space within. It will be a time for learning and a time for letting go.

The retreat will be held at the Lake Ainsworth Sports and Recreational Institute. Shared accommodation is available, or participants can make their own accommodation arrangements. There is car parking available on site.

There will a welcome lunch on Saturday included in the package.

This retreat is for students with Iyengar Yoga experience, Trainee Teachers and Yoga teachers.


1.30 to 4.30pm – Teacher Development Participants only
(Please arrive at 1.00 PM for 1.30 PM start)
5.00 to 7.00pm – Asana class – Retreat & TD participants together 

7.00 to 8.00 am – sitting and breathing
9.00 to 11.30am – Asana class
12.00 to 1.30 pm – group lunch (included in retreat cost)
2.30 to 4.30pm – Asana class

7.00 to 8.00am – sitting and breathing
9.00 to 12.00 – Asana class

Teacher Development and Intensive Retreat

Arrive on Friday, 8th November at 1.00 PM for1.30 PM start and completes Sunday, 10th November at 12.00 pm.

TD Only Friday 1.30 (arrive at 1.00) – 7.00 PM cost due by November 1 $190 or
Earlybird if paid in full by October 1: $170

TD & Intensive with accommodation* due by November 1 $585 or
Earlybird if paid in full by October 1: $526

TD & Intensive due by November 1 $525 or
Earlybird if paid in full by October 1: $473


Intensive Retreat

Arrive on Friday, 8th November for 5.00 PM start and completes Sunday, 10th November at 12 pm.

Intensive Retreat with accommodation* due by November 1 $495 or
Earlybird if paid in full by October 1: $445

Intensive Retreat due by November 1 is $435 or
Earlybird if paid in full by October 1: $392


* Share Cabin Accommodation: Twin or Double share cost per person.
Note there is limited availability so please book early.

The Venue
View / download the PDF for more information about Lake Ainsworth Recreational Centre’s accommodation etc and how to get there HERE

View photos online of the cabins HERE







How to Register

Please complete the 2019 Spring Retreat Application Form and email this together with your payment’s bank receipt to: office@yogacentre.com.au


Payments are via direct transfer, please email us for banking details.
When making payments, please ensure you email a receipt of your transaction transfer to office@yogacentre.com.au so we can register you and if necessary block accommodation.

Payments via credit card attract a 2.3% fee.

Please see terms and conditions if you need to withdraw/ cancel

Other information for those attending this event

* Please bring: Yoga Mat, strap, blocks, support for shoulder stand & any other specific props you use for practice.

* If you are staying in one of the cabins, please read the accommodation information link above for what to bring.

*Lake Ainsworth is located only 15 minutes drive from Ballina Airport, one hour from Coolangatta Airport, and about three hours from Brisbane. An airport pick up from Ballina can be arranged via request to: office@yogacentre.com.au

For more details, including recommendations on accommodation, please contact Helen Willoughby at helen_willoughby@hotmail.com or on 0439 023 389.