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2020 Teacher Development

I was in Pune in early December 2019. We were asked to come to discuss, and be talked through, the proposed changes for the certification process world-wide.

The process has changed dramatically. In the future there will be only four certification levels. The syllabus has been enhanced, the Level One syllabus having more advanced poses. It is challenging and interesting, especially to younger students, and the adventurous.

I hope in the long run it will free up the certification process. The desire is to make the process more friendly and less top heavy. That can only be good. The current proposal is to start the new scheme next year; but I believe now is a good time to start playing and investigating.

This year I have introduced a program called Sadhana. I feel that what most of us want is to learn and grow. Certification has seemed to be the best way to do this, a challenge personally to work into the poses. But sometimes we want more than that. I feel the same thing has been happening with teacher training, people have been entering into it who really wanted to learn to practice or wanted to grow. I know that feeling.

Thus Sadhana, path walking: the breath and breadth of the path.

I believe that we are the path walkers, and this is what teaches us, and our students. It is our ‘realness’ as ordinary humans which pulls us together and shapes us. It is how we have listened, followed and learnt, that affects others.  The program consists of asana, sitting meditation, and breathing. As well there is reading, videos, collaborative learning, and working together.

The program has four Sydney modules and the Bali Retreat and Teacher Mentoring/Advanced Learning Days in June/July.

The days in Sydney commence at 10.00 on the Saturday/Sunday and finish at either 4 or 4.30pm.

You are welcome to come to any or all of these Sadhana weekends or part thereof.

There are also dedicated Teacher Mentoring Days for trainees and certified teachers on the Monday of each weekend.

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