A Contemplative Afternoon with Caroline Coggins

Sunday May 5th

1.00 – 4.30 PM 

An afternoon combining two pathways
of experimental learning.


Does your mind feel pulled in many ways? Distracted, pushed and disturbed by it’s restless and anxious nature, while often judgemental of others and particularly yourself?



To effect change in our mental habits requires us getting to know ourself.. To stand in a position which is not identifying and becoming the habit, nor just trying to get rid of it (as if we can) but to start to live with a clearer intentionality.


We can then begin to notice anger, in the mind and in the body, fear/undercurrent anxiety, or a lack of clarity in decision making. Our mind is not our own, we know so little about it and what drives it.


Contemplation is the practice of non dualist attention. It is the pathway of coming home to ourselves and who we are. There is no one size that fits all, but the slow steady process of starting to pay attention. It is called mindfulness/watchfulness. It is practiced by all religious/spiritual traditions.


It will deepen your own spiritual pathway whatever that maybe. It is similar to yoga, in that practicing it will help everything else you do.


On a very simple level we all breathe and we are all connected by breath, to every other thing on our planet. It becomes a way not of division but unity.


Everyone is welcome, what ever your level of experience.

Caroline Coggins


The schedule:

  • 1pm Introduction to contemplative practice
  • Contemplative practice 20 minutes, then a small break another 20 min practice.
  • Yoga restore/pranayama 1 Hour
  • Half hour tea break
  • Contemplative practice 20 minutes, then a small break another 20 mins practice.


Cost: $50