New Students

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Beginning yoga

Yoga is about self-transformation and developing ourselves as humans. It brings strength, flexibility, resilience and clarity of mind. This clarity comes from awareness and observation, from following through on what we start and becoming steady in our habits.

Starting classes

Level 1 Foundation + Open Level Lunchtime classes are foundation classes and are the entry level classes at The Yoga Centre. You can come to these classes by attending the same class each week or come as your schedule allows. Choose either a 5, 8,10 or 20 class pass to use to attend any of these classes when you can. You can also attend single casual classes, and pay as you go.


Information for New Students 

• Arrive 10 minutes before the class start time.

• All mats and other props are provided, or feel free to bring your own mat.

• Do not eat for 3 hours before class. Food in the stomach will make you feel heavy and lethargic and even unwell as you move into more advanced asanas.

• Wear clothes that you can move in but that are not too loose ie: t-shirts, tights or shorts are fine. Yoga is done in bare feet.

• If a class is underway please wait quietly outside the studio door until the class is finished and the teacher invites you in.

• If you have an injury or condition that may impact your yoga please advise the teacher when you arrive.