Australia Healing Fundraiser



Our cells, our soul, our country plead for healing.

Longing for something different … not to live with fear, anger and blame.

Yet we have learnt to ask: “Who is responsible?” 

There is huge distress reverberating around and in us.

Our home, our land, our animals, birds, our people are burning.

We have no stability.

There is a sickness, a deep sickness, as a mob we have lost our way.


Yoga is the business of the body, with her own ‘felt‘ language.

All parts of us are the body, the brain, the heart, the emotions and the

spirit. We operate as one.

The mind is only as good as what she is physically fed,

what she thinks about, and what she decides.

She is jumpy and thin if she is fed only junk food either physically or emotionally.


How can she know herself or be able to value the sacredness of life?

Our energy speaks to others, and visa-versa.

Our culture feeds us, but what?

Our body is of the earth, our earth needs nourishment, care.

We are the same as her, it is where all of us come from and where will return.

Join us on this day when we remember our place, Australia.

Our country, our dreaming.


Come to our silent room, empty but for her art dreaming, find your

body, as a tool for listening, and then later perhaps ask from your

deepest part. ”How do I respond? What is needed of me?”


There is so much generosity being expressed world-wide.

The Yoga Centre will donate ALL proceeds to WIRES Emergency Rescue.


Australia Day Public holiday Monday January 27, 9.00 to 11.00 am
with Caroline Coggins.

The class will be $30 or $60 depending on how much you’d like to donate.


Please book via the button below: