Advanced Learning Pathways 2020

The Yoga Path


Iyengar yoga is a lineage of learning. It is a way of thinking, looking, practicing and experiencing. It cultivates an awareness that is not jumbled or confused, using different techniques. It does not view the outcome as the method, but the slow steady rewiring and refreshing of the mind body heart through consistency of work and attentive observation.

As we move along the yoga path we refine and deepen our practice, better understanding how and what to practice, how to sequence; how to balance; how to quieten and how to enliven; how to breathe; how to put a timer to our minds and a mat to our turbulent and wilful psyches. The mat is our foundation, our silence, and our prayer, it is what we come back to each day to harness and restrain and ultimately to free ourselves.

As we become familiar with practice we come to see that the mind and our emotions are urging us, we are either aggressive or lethargic, and the freedom of mind that we want is elusive. To practice requires that we arrive each day, willing to observe and apply ourselves. Maybe we notice we are happy to wait until tomorrow, anything but now!

With practice we learn how to culture ourselves, to observe our thoughts and our disposition and, slowly, how to restrain ourselves. Then for moments we come to see that the point of this practice is not what we do, but our surrender to our God.

Perhaps this interests you? Perhaps you are interested in embarking on one of the advanced learning pathways at the Yoga Centre?


Advanced Learning Pathways at the Yoga Centre

The Yoga Centre offers three advanced learning pathways – the Sadhana Program, for those who wish to deepen their practice, the Teacher Mentoring Program for those who, having established a regular, committed practice, find they wish to share what they know with others, and the Professional Development Program for certified teachers.

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