Annual Bali Retreat 2020

The Annual 2020 Bali Retreat

with Caroline Coggins

Retreat: June 27 – July 5, 2020

PD & Retreat: June 23 – July 5, 2020  


Going to Bali, coming to retreat


Doing yoga is a strange thing. The body, although it has a language of its own, is also silent. Yoga lives within the language of silence. And so we learn something that is fresh, and in this freshness it can feel as if we are coming alive, as if before we were heavy with stories and time, and now, in the present, we can learn to sing.

B.K.S. Iyengar would say that when you do yoga you are not thinking, you are resetting your self, being present in the now for the time that you are practicing. So he would recommend a lot of time to practice!

Coming and practicing in Bali has that effect too. People always feel altered by this time. Perhaps you would call it a holiday or a break, but I don’t believe that. We have become unreflective by what consumes us. We think that everyone is healed by holidays, by time for ourselves, when actually what we are responding to is being woken up and engaged. Given this fresh sensitivity, this opportunity to experience the very sacredness of our lives, and not accepting this narrow vision of ‘I’ and its needs, we discover this expanded yet simplified knowledge of how to live.














For so many years I went to India. I went and learned yoga. I learned about myself, my fears and anxieties, my anger and, about teaching. What I did not see was how I was being rewired, reorientated. I did not have a lot of words for all of this except I remember the energy flowing through me, the focus in my mind, how I was being taught to do this, eat certain foods, concentrate on the present, not going here and there, or making the mind and body restless by aimless activities, or the refusal to choose. There was one thing to do – stay home, inside, learn. And I flourished.

So much today is to do with how we look at things, the perceptual band we are tuned into, the cultural norms we find ourselves adopting without a thought. We are programmed by our culture. We are told what we should want; who we should be; even what we should eat. It is as if our bodies are not wise enough to know. But they do…if we dare listen.

Yoga is a fresh and direct teacher – a lens changer, a maker of the now.

Come again, to Bali, to retreat and to be immersed.

– Caroline Coggins


Each day there is a sitting/meditation practice, followed by a light fruit break and then a two hour asana class, followed by brunch at 11am. The afternoons start at 4.30 with asana and pranayama and conclude at 6.30 for supper.

Requirements for attendance:  At least two years Iyengar yoga practice.

If you are interested please download and fill in the application form and forward to the office as soon as you can. (see below on how to register)

The retreat is held at Santra Putra in Pennestanan. This family compound offers accommodation. Most people like to stay in this compound. If you would like to attend and stay in the compound please let us know by filling out your application form and pay your deposit. 


The Annual 2020 Bali Retreat

Saturday 27 June – Sunday, 5 July

The retreat is held at the Santra Putra Gallery & Guesthouse, located in Penestanan village, about 15 minutes from the centre of Ubud. The traditional balinese style Gallery and Guesthouse is run by a local artist, Karja and his wife Made and their family.

Students to arrive on Saturday June 27; the retreat will start on Sunday morning June 28, and run for eight days. This retreat is very popular with most students from previous years returning, so please book your space early!

Retreat Costs & inclusions
A deposit of $400 is payable upon registration to hold a space AND to request accommodation at Santra Putra if required.

The full Early bird cost is $1,805 and is available when this amount is paid in full before March 27, 2020. Full cost for the 2020 Bali retreat is $1,918 with final payment due May 27, 2020.

Costs include: all yoga tuition, some evening meals, week-day brunch, a cultural outing mid-week and return airport transfers. Note: airfares and accommodation are not included.


Bali Retreat & PD Days

Tuesday 23 June – Sunday, 5 July

A 12 day immersion for advanced practitioners, teacher trainees and teachers 

The Bali Retreat & PD days is for yoga teachers, teachers in training and advanced yoga practitioners with a keen interest in deepening their understanding of yoga.

The PD schedule starts on Tuesday morning, June 23 and goes to June 26, Friday, and includes the annual retreat until July 5. PD Participants to arrive on Monday June 22. The PD Days will start on Tuesday morning June 23.

PD & Retreat Costs & inclusions
A deposit of $400 is payable upon registration to hold a space & book Santra Putra accommodation if required.

The full Earlybird cost is $2,875 and is available when this amount is paid in full before March 23, 2020. The Full cost for the PD & Retreat is $2,988 with final due date May 23, 2020.

Cost includes the PD days & breakfast plus the Bali retreat & inclusions.

How to register

We recommend the holding deposit, $400, is paid before the Earlybird finish date to secure a space and particularly if you wish to request accommodation at Santra Putra, as spaces are limited.

Registration process

  • For The Annual Retreat Download and fill out the Retreat Application Form
  • For the Retreat & PD Days download and fill in the Bali Retreat & PD Days Application Form
  • Fill out the Application form that is appropriate to the segment of the retreat you wish to attend.
  • Then, email The Yoga Centre for account details for payment along with your completed Application Form to:
  • Once you receive bank details back from us, please pay your deposit or full fee and add the code BALI20 in the description field.
  • Send the bank’s transaction receipt of your payment(s) and your Application form to:

  • Once we receive both your Application & bank deposit receipt we will block your space.

Please see terms and conditions if you need to withdraw/ cancel


Accommodation is not included in the fee. However there are bungalows within the compound where the retreat is held, and we can help you to book some villas in the surrounding area. If you would like one of these rooms please indicate when you make your booking. There are a number of accommodation options, with rates varying from $35 to $45 per day.

You will need to have paid your deposit of $400 if you wish to apply for accommodation at Santra Putra, where the retreat is held. Please contact Ashlea Wilken at: with your request once you have paid your deposit. 

There are limited rooms at Santra Putra. Apply early if this is your preference. There are also other accommodations nearby which Ashlea can recommend.

Or, once your space in the retreat is confirmed you may wish to find your own accommodation. There is much choice on the internet!