Why do we go to Bali to do yoga?

Going to Bali is six hour plane trip. Given the state of our ‘common home’ should we be flying anywhere?

I go to Bali because there is a sacredness in their lives which in our culture is lacking. Perhaps that is not fair to say, but maybe you feel it too. You want to feel bolstered and enlivened in what you do, and have some mates who share your passion.

I have gone to India for so many years. I just went, it was not always an easy experience, challenging in many ways. It especially challenged me and my ideas: was this right; should I be here; could I do another asana; should they behave like this etc…. but what I leant was more than that. I leant how to manage myself, (mostly) how to say ‘yes’ to learn, and how to get sick and yet know from these people that when it was my time, then I would die. Not before, so no point worrying about that detail.

Doing a yoga practice is a lonely business. It is always wonderful to share a practice, share a common language and in Bali I share a sense of the sacred, the great beauty we are given, and to honour that. They are dead keen to live a good life.

If you haven’t been before you will find a great bunch of people, hard work and time for rest and a sense of on-goingness, day after day. And after the hissing fits of not again, a rhythm and pace, a regularity that is helpful to build a quietening and noticing, a letting go.

If you have been before and most of the people have, you find all of the above and yet another time too, a different creation, another set of circumstances another opportunity to go deeper.

Join us this year! Choose the accommodation you prefer, eat a morning breakfast together and then choose your own agenda after the last practice.

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