2017 Sydney Intensives with Caroline Coggins

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The Seasons of Ourselves
– An Autumn Intensive


We have seasons of heart, body, mind and emotions and always beside and in us are the seasons of the earth.  Now we are beginning autumn, the light begins to change, lingering at transition times, the dawn into day, and dusk into night. 

On my river the evening light holds me, causing me to linger, take it in, become still.

I wish I could be still in the same way with my own seasons of living,

the times when I cannot see, as with the evening light.


At these times our culture says that we can do as we wish. Yet we can’t. There is the rub, “Why naot, is there something amiss in me?” We seem to be unhappy in the dark unknown places. Yet winter will say I will show you my soft, inward looking darkness.

Perhaps another way of viewing our internal seasons is to give them the same place as the earth’s. The seasons of our interior life are affected by many things and all we can do is notice and somehow grow and reflect on them. It is so simple to add to, and so much harder to subtract.

We lose our simplicity and become only doers. In doing we lose the thread of who and what we are, we lose our history and our knowledge of seasons, of things passing. So easy to be a herd animal, not to think for ourselves.

History is important to each of us, where we come from, our memories, our cultural story, even our practice. What have I just done which pose follows and why, employing our creativity, our intuition and senses, just as we must dress differently for each season.

The aim of a good yoga practice is to sensitise us, not to drive but draw us, cause us to notice, linger, relish, become still in an interior way, silent, open and alive. This trains us away from unthoughtful herd responses towards who we are to become.

Join me for the Autumn Intensive, linger in the quiet of autumn, ready for the deeper still of winter.

Caroline Coggins



Friday: 5 – 7 PM Pranayama
Saturday: 9.30 – 11.30 AM Asana Class
Saturday: 1.30 – 3.30 PM Asana Class
Sunday: 8 – 10 AM Asana Class

Who Can Attend?

This Intensive is suitable for anyone with Iyengar yoga experience, level 2 students, advanced yoga practitioners and teachers.


2017 Dates and Registration

Cost per Intensive: $200



September 15, 16 & 17 

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November 10, 11 & 12 

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