2017 Sydney Intensives with Caroline Coggins

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A Spring Intensive

September 15 – 17

with Caroline Coggins

Mostly we come prepared for what we expect to happen, yet the journey into Yoga is not like that. On the surface, yes, how we come to class or practice looks externally the same but, as we quiet our minds, we find it affects and touches us in different ways. How bold or free can we be, so that we are fresh to listen and respond, not blocked by what we think we should do, but what we discover as we work? Can we create a practice that actually feels important and alive to us, that we look forward to, relish, ‘love’, even? Or is it a matter of trying to corrall ourselves into some formula.

Our disposition to everything is important. This understanding comes from practice, if not we become dry. Can we ‘dig’ into ourselves, that is notice, pay attention but with a real freedom so that we can respond with creativity?

The words of Krishnamurti offer richness on our journey…

“Ideas act merely as a refuge, an escape. … One can only think righteously, live intelligently and freely, when one’s own knowledge is ever broader and deeper…. Only when the mind is really quiet, when it expects nothing, neither asks nor demands, not seeking nor possessing, when it no longer feels jealousy or fear or anxiety, when it is really silent, only then is love possible. When the mind no longer projects itself in the pursuit of its own particular sensations, its demands, its impulses, its hidden fears, when it no longer seeks its self realization and is not caught up in the slavery of belief, only then is love possible. (Krishnamurti, On Love and Solitude. Ed.  Kairos, Barcelona 2009)


Friday: 5 – 7 PM Pranayama
Saturday: 9.30 – 11.30 AM Asana Class
Saturday: 1.30 – 3.30 PM Asana Class
Sunday: 8 – 10 AM Asana Class

Who Can Attend?

This Intensive is suitable for anyone with Iyengar yoga experience, level 2 students, advanced yoga practitioners and teachers.


2017 Dates and Registration

Cost per Intensive: $200



September 15, 16 & 17 

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November 10, 11 & 12 

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