Level 1 Intermediate classes


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Level 1 Intermediate Class Pass
September Spring Special

10 class pass $100
5 class pass $50

For Level 1 and Beginner students

Come and amp up the yoga volume with some additional classes during springtime and really feel the benefits as you emerge out of the winter cocoon!

To help you do this we are offering, for a limited time, Level 1 Intermediate 5 and 10 class passes at a special price of $50 and $100 respectively.

This is a fantastic opportunity for all current Level 1 students as well as for students ready to migrate from the basics of Beginners to explore Level 1 Intermediate.

These ‘Special September Passes’ are good for any of the Level 1 or Open Level lunchtime classes at the Yoga Centre. You can buy as many special passes as you like as long as they are all used within the month of September.

Terms and Conditions for this deal:

Special September Passes are valid for use during the month of September 2018 only, no matter what the date of purchase. All Special September Passes will expire Sept 30th, 2018.

If you are a current Level 1 class pass holder you should continue to use up the classes on your regular class pass during September. Purchasing a ‘September Special Pass’ means you plan to attend additional classes during that month.  During September dual pass holders will not be able to place their current class pass on hold.

Also, please note, these passes are non transferable, non-refundable and non-blockable i.e: you cannot put a ‘Special September Pass’ on hold. Student concession is not available for this offer.

Purchase a pass from the links below
10 class pass: $100
5 class pass: $50

About Level 1 Intermediate Classes

Level 1 Intermediate classes are entry level classes at The Yoga Centre.
They are also the classes you will look to progress to after completing Beginners Courses.

In these classes you will learn the foundation asanas (poses) that lead you eventually towards Level 2 Intermediate classes and in time where more advanced poses are introduced.

If you have tried yoga elsewhere and want to continue learning, these classes are ideal for you.

If you are returning to yoga you will also find going back through the foundations in Level 1 very beneficial.

Completely new to yoga?
Perhaps you’d like to try one of our 6 week Beginners Courses