June 11 Long W’end: Quiet Mind… A class with Caroline Coggins


Quiet Mind….

Monday June 11 with Caroline Coggins

10.00 – 12 noon


Can Yoga help us to focus? Can it create room in our overly busy and noisy minds?

Yes, indeed, Yoga’s job is to help us ‘find ourselves’ amidst all the clamour, and indeed there are tools to arrive ‘home’.

Keep your heart clear and transparent
And you will never be bound.
A single disturbed thought, though,
Creates ten thousand distractions,
Let myriad things captivate you
And you’ll go further and further astray. 

Kownacki, Mary Lou,2004, Between Two Souls: Conversations with Ryokan Eerdmans, P.128.


A simplified life is rare.

It is counter cultural. Our culture says that more of everything gives liberation, freedom, is a sign of success.

But we know this is not true. Freedom is hard earned.

Choosing our life, when and how, calms the mind/body, it is a bit like a clean house or an empty desk. There are times to work, do our chores and times for rest and relaxation.

If you look at any photo of BKS Iyengar practicing there is a timer. It was never a random practice, but always an engagement with his inner self. A fence if you like, around his body/mind.

In time we are reined in, we come to know our mind, our agitations and distractions and we start to live in our home, not taking it everywhere hoping that the clue will be found outside.

Come and taste the work of the mind.


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