Art & Yoga by Caroline Coggins

    By Caroline Coggins It’s interesting isn’t it, what we pay attention to, and what we look for? It sounds like such an innocent question, yet it is a reflection of who we are, and how we have been shaped. I went to a Matisse exhibition when I was in London. What struck me was a comment he made as an older man

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Why do we go to Bali to do yoga?

Going to Bali is six hour plane trip. Given the state of our ‘common home’ should we be flying anywhere? I go to Bali because there is a sacredness in their lives which in our culture is lacking. Perhaps that is not fair to say, but maybe you feel it too. You want to feel bolstered and enlivened in what you do, and have

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Level 1 Weekend Workshop Feb 6-7

Getting grounded for a year of growth – with Peta Keaney. 06 – 07 Feb With the summer holidays over, life will be starting to get busy. It’s the perfect time to act on that New Year’s resolution – the one about taking time out for yourself, finding the right balance, being disciplined and regular in your yoga practice. Let us help you start the

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